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Neoh Headphones Promises to Deliver 3D Sound

neoh headphones

Technology is becoming smarter and more personal. Virtual reality is popping up everywhere. Gadgets and tools are coming out with the ability to predict and track your movements, adjusting to provide a more immersive experience. Such is the goal for 3D Sound Labs’ new Neoh headphones.

3D Sound Labs is calling their headphones a wearable home theater. Neoh is suppose to provide the experience of surround sound without the need to install multiple speakers that only work in one room. The company claims Neoh can virtualize twenty-five different speaker channels.

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10 Keys for New or Current Employers to Hiring an Employee

030215 now hiring

Hiring an employee is one of the most important things that a small business owner will do, but few have experience doing it.

Below is a list to help you consistently obtain better results. If you are new to hiring employees, or only have had family employees, start here:

Obtain a Federal ID number

Before hiring an employee, you can ask a CPA or attorney to register with the IRS for you. But doing it yourself is pretty straight forward. The IRS allows an online application (click here for online IRS application). It  is one of the easier things the IRS has setup.

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Behind the Red Carpet with Wardrobe Stylist Carmen Lilly

(Image: Instagram)

Behind red carpet appearances, award show performances and street style looks, there are wardrobe stylists like Carmen Lilly, who are ultimately responsible for a celebrity’s make-or-break moment. With a client roster that includes Estelle, Rocsi Diaz, Kelis, and DJ Kiss, Lilly knows more than a thing or two about putting together clothes, shoes and accessories. “I’m inspired by my clientele as they are all dynamic women in business doing great work across many different industries. Helping them articulate their personal style and build a wardrobe that will give them confidence is one of the many highlights of my job,” said Lilly. And, with an edgy sense of style and a fluffy fro to match, Carmen has paved the way for her very own spotlight.

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After graduating from North Carolina State University with a BA in Art & Design, Lilly landed an internship with Donna Karan and her passion for fashion began. Black Enterprise caught up with the style influencer, mommy and wife to learn more about her journey.

On the top 3 highlights of her career.
1. Building a Personal Shopping program within the first company I worked for Intermix.
2. Working on the history making show 106 & park.
3. Starting my own business.

On her attraction to the fashion industry.
My creative spirit has always drawn me to the arts and great design. I have appreciation for the craftsmanship, skill, and research that goes into what Fashion designer produce each season. I love figuring out how to translate the collections for clients.

About the most influential mentor in her life.
I have had several people that have directly helped me in my career but I would say my biggest supporter has been my husband. He has pushed and supported me through all the ebbs and flows of my career and has been my greatest support system and champion as I started a business after having our first child.

Some of the toughest decisions made in her career.
Learning to say no to things that were not aligned with my overall vision or brand.

On advice for young aspiring stylist.
Be passionate, know your industry, and intern to gain as much experience as possible.

On wise words for women in business.
Don’t take anything personal know that it is just business.

On managing her career as a wardrobe stylist, mom and wife.
I have learned to go with the flow and created realistic expectations of what my role is for my family. I also have an amazing partner and family support system that keeps the wheels moving.

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Are You Endangering Your Employees’ Health?

030215 doctor visit

With companies of all sizes seeking to cut healthcare costs and avoid penalties imposed by the Affordable Care Act, we’re hearing lots of news about instituting workplace wellness programs as a way to promote a healthier workforce.

Also gaining attention, workplace practices such as ergonomic office spaces, meditation, mid-day naps, standing desks and walking meetings are being put forth as ways to create a healthier workforce.

Healthier employees benefit business in many ways.

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Diversity in the STEM Pipeline

(Image: André Beckles)

On Tuesday, Feb. 24, the New York Urban League hosted a panel and discussion on the need to ensure a diverse flow in the STEM pipeline. Arva Rice, president and CEO of the New York Urban League who was recently honored with the City University of New York’s Educational Leadership Award, provided remarks and also spoke on the panel.

Jobs in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math are growing at a rate of 15%, compared with a growth rate of 9% for non-STEM jobs, according to Jay Hershenson, senior vice chancellor for university relations at the City University of New York, who provided opening remarks. STEM jobs are also higher paying: There are 170,000 STEM jobs paying an average of $44 an hour, compared with non-STEM jobs, which pay $27 an hour, Hershenson said.

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Yet, for all this job growth, there is a shortage of local and global STEM talent, said Jim Gordon, group vice president of corporate brand and reputation at Time Warner Cable. He noted that 18% of all job openings are in STEM, but that half of the STEM workforce is foreign born.

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