A New Job Means a Fresh Start

Landing a new job will make you feel great, but it’s just a first step. Once you start, you’ll need to win over your boss, fit in with your co-workers and prove how valuable you are to the company. We asked Florence Littauer, co-author of Personality Plus at Work, how to make the best first impression.

Ask for help. Speak up instead of pretending to know it all. It will give you a chance to interact with colleagues and help avert misunderstandings.

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Earn More

Remember to ask
Women often don’t get raises because they don’t ask for them. “People are more likely to challenge their salary or raise if they’re male,” says John McKee, a business life coach and former VP of DirecTV. “Guys tell you why they should be top-paid. Women tend to accept what’s offered rather than push back. They thank you, while men tend to ask how they can get more.”


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