Durex Donating Condoms for Tweets

(Image: Durex)

In honor of the 25th anniversary of World AIDS Day, Durex has launched a social media/marketing campaign, #1share1condom, to raise awareness about AIDS prevention. Since the start of the campaign, which began on Monday and runs through Saturday, the condom manufacturer donated over 900,000 condoms.

PCMag.com reports that “Durex has promised to donate one condom for every user who tweets a message about HIV and AIDS using the #1share1condom hashtag.” The prophylactic company will also contribute one condom to global and local charities that share its mission of fighting HIV-transmission such as dance4life for every user who shares the Durex World AIDS Day image and video found on the Durex Facebook page.

The goal is to give away 2.5 million condoms — the same number of people infected with HIV last year — by the close of the campaign.

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Job Seeking: How to Seal the Deal Like a Salesman

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It’s such a competitive market for job seekers, no matter the industry. Winning professionals who find themselves employed—whether in a down economy or not—are often good at self-promotion and marketing, almost like a good salesman can convince a snowman to buy ice. From their confidence to their pitch to their strategy, you can take a cue from tactics sales professionals use when you’re searching for your next job opportunity.

Career expert Rich Jones knows a thing or two on how to do that. He details on Ebony.com how you can streamline your efforts and get real results:

Track Your Outreach

It doesn’t matter if you do with Excel, a Word document or a notepad. Every time you apply to a job, you need to record it. Your goal with this is not only to sit back and say, “I applied to some jobs today,” but to see how many applications it takes to generate activity (an interview). Though it may take some time, you can set a goal. It could be something like, “For every 10 applications I send out, I’d love to get one interview.”

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It’s Still a Job: Top Most Annoying Myths About Working From Home

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It seems to be every worker’s dream to be able to work from home —or anywhere other than the office for that matter. There’s freedom, convenience and other perks that are afforded those who actually do it, not dream about it. But there’s also myths that many believe about the ease of working from home that can not only be annoying to address, but downright insulting.

Brazen Careerist details top questions and quips people who work from home often hear from those who don’t have the luxury of doing so:

“Why can’t you [meet for lunch/run this errand/bake a million cupcakes for the bake sale]? You’ve got the whole day off!”

Just because freelancers and entrepreneurs have more control over their hours, that doesn’t mean they have tons of free time to burn. It’s taken months for my husband to realize that bad things will happen if he tries to play the “But I’ve been working all day!” card when I tell him I don’t have time to do whatever errand he wants on one of my freelance days.

It’s true that it’s easier for me to book doctors’ appointments with my freelance days open, and it’s true that I get to drink my coffee while watching Live! With Kelly and Michael as my office mates are sitting down to their desks for the day. But I still have a long list of projects to get to, and I need to be as disciplined as I can with my time to get them all done, and done well.

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President Obama, Mitt Romney Do Lunch at the White House

obama romney shaking hands white houseNow that a Kenyan mother has declared them brothers, perhaps the two former presidential election rivals are trying to get along.

In their first meeting since the election, President Obama and the GOP nominee Mitt Romney met for lunch in the White House’s private dining room yesterday, fulfilling a promise Obama made in his victory speech the night of Nov. 6, according to the Associated Press.

During their meeting Romney congratulated the president for his successful campaign and wished him well in the coming four years.

The lunch menu included white turkey chili and Southwestern grilled chicken salad. And they sat for a little over an hour. They talked about the importance of America maintaining a leadership position in world affairs.

After lunch the two pledged to stay in touch.

George Zimmerman Sending Handwritten Thank You Cards to Donors

george zimmerman in courtGeorge Zimmerman needs money.

The former neighborhood watch leader who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, and is now on trial for second degree murder, plans to launch the new George Zimmerman Defense Fund next month, the Associated Press reports.

One perk: Donors will receive “thank you” cards individually signed by Zimmerman.

Attorney Mark O’Mara told the AP that an existing fund has raised $140,000 since last May, but that money is running low.







True Life: Surefire Ways to Tank Your Job Interview

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From totally choking during a job interview to not following up properly, many nervous and inexperienced job seekers do things they wish they hadn’t. Experts on the other side of the table offer tips all the time on what not to do, but there’s nothing like having firsthand insights from someone who has been there and done that as a job candidate.

Brazen Careerist writer Sarah Greesonbach details the mistakes she’s made in her career when it came to going for the next gig and how you can avoid them.

Mistake No 1: I couldn’t describe myself: You’d think I’d know myself, since I am myself. Yet for some reason, when that question emerged in the interview, I froze and struggled to think of any identifying features that might set me apart.

Avoid this mistake by drafting an elevator pitch that sums up who you are as a professional and as a human being. Here are a few good examples to start with. Just add your own details and a life experience or two:

“For the past 15 years, I was a supervisor at ABC Manufacturing. You might wonder why I want to move into sales at this stage in my career, but much of my time has been spent negotiating with vendors and meeting with CEOs. Although the industries might be different, the skills are the same.”

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Mary J. Blige Defaulted on 2.2 Million Loan, According to Lawsuit

mary j blige posingR&B star Mary J. Blige was hit with a lawsuit on Wednesday alleging that the Grammy winner and her husband defaulted on a $2.2 million bank loan.

According to court documents filed in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, Signature Bank is seeking to recoup the original loan plus $58,000 in interest.

Blige, 41, who has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, and her husband Martin Isaacs took out the loan in October 2011 and defaulted in July 2012, the suit alleges.

Blige’s publicist declined comment on the lawsuit. The singer’s attorney did not immediately return a request to comment.



New iPhone App ‘Around the Way’ Locates Black-Owned Businesses

(Image: Around the Way)

Looking for a black-owned business in your area? Well, there’s an app for that now.

Thanks to the innovative trio behind New York-based company Around the Way and mobile-app development firm Clearly Innovative, located in Washington, DC, Apple iPhone users can download a free app that will locate black-owned establishments in a given area.  With African Americans embracing mobile web usage more than any other demographic, Around the Way, which is comprised of CEO Janine Hausif, Eric Hamilton, the chief marketing officer, and Chief Technology Officer Sian Morson, is invested in placing these businesses on your radar.

According to Pew Research findings, 51% of African-American mobile users do most of their online browsing on their phone, double the amount for their white counterparts (24%). Not to mention, there was a 60% increase in black-owned firms from 2002 to 2007, bringing the total to 1.9 million establishments in ’07, according to the US Census Bureau Survey of Black-Owned Business: 2007. That report was released in February of last year.

“We want the app to be the ‘go-to’ app to locate black-owned businesses; meanwhile, empower business owners to keep them competitive in today’s economy,” said Hausif. “We hope to see successful adaptation of the app by users and continued patronage to these businesses.”

Using an iPhone’s built-in GPS, the app pinpoints the closest black-owned businesses in a five-mile radius of the user. The application shows the location on a map, allowing users to get step-by-step directions, call the business directly or visit the company’s website from the business profile. Users also have the option to share a business’ information on Facebook, Twitter or via email. A customizable favorites list can be created so users don’t have to search again for their preferred shops.

Around the Way is constantly building its database and collaborating with local agencies such as the New York African American Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce and National Black Chamber of Commerce. Users have the option to “view all” of the 17,000 black-owned businesses in all 50 states, or search per one of the nine-different categories.  They include: Auto, ATM/Bank, Bakery/Cafe, Beauty/Barber, Club/Lounge, Laundry/Cleaners, Lodging, Restaurant and Shopping.

Businesses looking to be included within the database should add themselves via the app or website.

The Around the Way team fully funded the app venture out of pocket. And although they’re proud of the launch of their iPhone app, they are already working on the next steps. “Beyond this app, we plan to use the model and success of this Around the Way to develop apps for other business communities— very similar to how Facebook started exclusively on one campus and expanded to other schools,” said the chief executive.

Since the app’s Nov. 6 launch, the mobile startup has reached 1,000 downloads in the App Store.  Around the Way also plans to unveil an Android version of its app at the top of next year, as well as a redesign and a few new features.

3 Holiday Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

The holiday season is full of enticing opportunities to spend. Everything looks sparkly and shiny, but the tinsel and the glitter could burn a hole in the wallet.

Here are a few shopping traps to resist this holiday season.

Chill on the Gift Wrapping: Half of the fun of opening presents is tearing off the pretty decorative paper, ribbons and bows, but these extras can add up. Instead of racking up $100s on gift wrapping paper and bags, save the ones from last year and recycle. It’s not a faux pas anymore, and will save you in the long run.

Trim the Tree and the Gift List: Hopefully, by now making a list is a given. Impulse shopping will most certainly lead to post-holiday debt. It’s important to take a second, even third look at the list before stepping out of the door and see where cuts can be made. If any item on the list is there because the shopper feels guilty, it must go – negative emotions lead to overspending.

Shopping Does Not Equal Celebrating: Spending during the holiday season does not necessarily mean that the season is being celebrated. Instead of going crazy in the aisles because everything looks and feels festive, remember that the true celebrating is spending the time with the people you love and the higher power you serve. Keeping those things in perspective should keep your spending in check.