ES Day 2: 5 Takeaways from Driving Sales Using Social Media

Social media is an absolute must as a business tool. An amazing panel session during Day 2 of Black Enterprise’s Entrepreneurs Summit provided key ways to drive sales and help your business grow using social media.

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The session panelists included Lamar Tyler, founder and CEO of Lamar Tyler New Media; Reuben Canada, founder and CEO of Canada Enterprises L.L.C; and Manny Ruiz, founder of Hispanicize.

The session, “Driving Sales Using Social Media,” was moderated by Black Enterprise’s SVP and Executive Editor-at-Large, Alfred Edmond Jr. Entrepreneurs “have to turn fans and followers into dollars,” said Edmond, kicking off the discussion.

Tyler spoke of the importance of social media and digital content saying, you have to keep, “feeding the fire with fuel…communicate with people who want to see (your content).”

Tyler also said that social media was a great way for a small businesses to seem big and have significant presence.

Five of the most important takeaways for entrepreneurs on how to leverage social media for their business and to drive engagement were:

  • Use social media to share the journey of your business. People want to see it.
  • Social media gives small businesses an equal playing field with large enterprises.
  • Entrepreneurs need to create original content. You cannot rely only on social media and especially on one platform. Even if your business has 500,000 followers, that social media-generated content never belongs to you. You must have a website or a blog. Think of your site or blog as the movie and your social media content as your movie’s trailers.
  • E-mail lists are critical. Studies show people spend more time on social media than on e-mail. Social media is how you drive engagement, but e-mail is your moneymaker. You have to find ways to bridge e-mail and social media. Some suggestions include boosting a Tweet that does really well or using Facebook’s e-mail list integration tools for business.
  • Keep your business social media content sophisticated. As Hispanicize founder Ruiz, put it, “As a very small business, it’s very easy to be cheesy.” Even your graphic art should have a level of sophistication and professionalism.

Social media is a fantastic tool for small businesses. It’s vital that you understand your customers. Social media does that market research for you.

“Social media makes this a beautiful time to be an entrepreneur,” said Tyler.

Miami-Based Innovator Brian Brackeen Tells-All About Funding Startups

You may not be too familiar with Miami-based entrepreneur Brian Brackeen now, but he will soon be a worldwide, household name.

This groundbreaking innovator is the founder and CEO of, an ingenious facial recognition company helping companies everywhere to change the way they interact with their employees, patients, and customers.

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Kairos is essentially a human analytics company that provides modern day technology solutions that can help automate analysis of human behavior.

Kairos combines social science and technology, allowing businesses to understand the variables that impact consumer decision making in real time.

In laymen’s terms, Brackeen has developed a superior technology that detects your emotions, via facial recognition and emotional analysis, when gauging a product, or interacting with a service.

Through use of human metrics, Kairos allows companies to understand more about who people are, how they feel, and what earns their interest. This allows for a deeper understanding into people’s interactions with companies. Companies gain access to consumer decisive moments by capturing those moments with technology.

Companies may also gauge the moment of decision for each product and experience.

With Kairos, still images, Web content, and real-time video are processed by leading facial analysis, and emotional analysis algorithms, thus, automating the process of collecting and analyzing data about human behavior.

Brackeen serves as the brain behind this operation. Since founding Kairos, he has raised more than $5 million in venture capital and has 7,000 customers in 40 countries.

Kairos acquired company IMRSV, making Kairos the only facial biometrics company in the world offering both facial recognition and emotion analysis tools for developers.

Prior to founding Kairos, Brackeen worked as a senior project manager for Apple Inc. and senior managing consultant from IBM.

Brackeen currently cultivates Miami’s tech and entrepreneurial scene. He will be in attendance at the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit, May 4–7, at the Loews Hotel Miami, Miami, Florida, talking seed and early stage funding for entrepreneurs.

He will be joined by the Founding Partner of Cross Culture Ventures, Marlon Nichols, advising attendees on how to market yourself to investors and assessing the early stage funding that may be right for your business. Register now.

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