Diversifying Google: Meet Three Black Google Engineers

Travis McPhail

Travis McPhail, Software Engineer, Tech Lead within Geo; Image: Google

Travis McPhail
Travis McPhail is a software engineer and tech lead who works with Google Maps.

He is currently leading an effort to create one library that performs all of Google’s renderings across Maps, Google Earth, and Google Street View data.

McPhail believes the future of Google is through geospatial rendering applications that will allow people to be informed of the world around them.

He credits his career in software engineering to being “a bad kid” who “used to break a lot of things at home.” Fortunately, instead of “strangling him,” his father bought him a Commodore 64 computer when he was just five years old.

He had a natural affinity for technology from the start. His father challenged him to learn to use the computer, and McPhail says he started to “bang away on it.”

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