Tiny Polaroid Cube Records HD Video On-The-Go

polaroid cube

Polaroid has introduced a new camera that can go just about anywhere with you. It’s easy to see the tiny little camera tagging along to conferences and events or helping you create video for your website or presentations while on the move.

The Polaroid Cube is only 35mm tall, wide, and deep … a true cube. It’s capable of shooting 90 minutes of 1080p HD video on a single charge. And various accessories along with built-in magnets mean it can go or be stuck pretty much anywhere. The Cube also features a built-in slot that can accept up to a 32GB microSD card.

In an official release on the company’s website, Polaroid President and CEO Scott Hardy explained:

“Polaroid is known around the world for helping people capture and share life’s most memorable moments instantly and easily, the Polaroid Cube was designed to allow virtually anyone to do exactly that. Whether it’s mounted to the handlebars of your child’s bicycle to capture their expression during that first ride without training wheels or to the nose of your surfboard while you brave Oahu’s North Shore, the Polaroid Cube does it all.”

In addition to shooting full HD video, the Polaroid Cube is also capable of taking 6-megapixel still shots. The Cube also sports a 124-degree wide-angle lens. There is a built-in microphone to capture sounds from the video you shoot.

The new camera can be attached to several different accessories to allow it the freedom to follow your activities. Those accessories include:

  • Helmet mount: Stick it to a bike helmet or batting helmet to capture action on the move.
  • Monkey stand: The stand supports the Cube camera a few inches off any surface.
  • Waterproof case and suction mount: Cube is waterproof in water up to two meters in depth.
  • Bike mount: Attach Cube to your bicycle for another way to record on the move.
  • Tripod mount: Put the Cube securely on a traditional camera tripod for capturing steady images.
  • Strap mount: This allows you to securely attach the cube to your wrist to follow your movements.
  • Pendant: This allows you to wear the Cube on a pendant hanging from your neck to capture images and video.

The Cube will be available this fall and sell for about $100. Accessory prices will range between $10 and $40, according to Polaroid.

Image: Polaroid

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